How to Wash Your BJJ Gi (and other tips on taking care of it)

How to Wash Your BJJ Gi (and other tips on taking care of it)
Your gi is your armor, your second skin on the mat.
Treat it right, and it'll outlast your enthusiasm for acai bowls.

Here's how to keep your gi fighting fit:


Pre-Wash Tips

Your gi's been through war. Show it some respect before you toss it in the wash. A quick shake and spot clean isn't just for show - it's your first line of defense against permanent stains and wear. Think of it as a warm-up for your washing machine.

Temperature Settings

Sure, hot water might kill germs, but it'll also murder your gi's fit faster than a surprise heel hook. Keep it cool, and your gi will thank you by not turning into a toddler's outfit overnight.

Detergent Dos

Your gi doesn't need chemical warfare to get clean. Harsh detergents are like that guy who goes too hard in training - they'll do more harm than good. Stick to the gentle stuff. Your gi (and your skin) will appreciate it.


"I'll wash it next time" is a rookie mistake. Every. Single. Session. No exceptions. Unless you want your gi to tap out from the stench before your opponent does. Plus, your training partners will actually want to roll with you. Win-win.


Tumble dryers are where gis go to die. Hang that baby up and let it air out like nature intended. Sure, it takes longer, but so does getting good at BJJ. Patience is a virtue, on and off the mat.



Look, if you're ironing your gi, you might be missing the point of BJJ. But if you must, treat those patches with respect. They've earned it.


A damp, crumpled gi is a petri dish waiting to happen. Dry it out, give it some space. Treat your gi storage like you would a nice hotel room - keep it clean, cool, and comfortable.

Remember, a well-cared-for gi is like a well-drilled technique. Put in the work consistently, and it'll serve you well when it counts.

Now go train.
Just don't forget to wash up after.