The Power of First Impressions: How One Gi Converted a Coach

The Power of First Impressions: How One Gi Converted a Coach
If you have ever started something of your own you'd understand when we say that you always remember your early supporters. People who are the first ones to think that the things you are making are absolutely cool.

Coach Travis belongs to that group of people. He had been an fantastic supporter of an other brand but found its values to be drifting away. We were glad he found us.

So we sent him a Gi.

How did he like it? He immediately bought another one (it was a Boundless Black BJJ Gi).

And then another one from our latest release (Blissful Blue gi this time).
We made a few minor adjustments for him to land on a version that would almost feel tailor made for him.
Without any extra charges.

Here is what he had to say about us:

"I used it for the last week, washed and dried and it fits perfectly. The sleeves made a huge difference. Not sure if any other sizing changes were made but it definitely feels made for me. I'll be ordering again soon.

Donated about 13 of my existing Gis and looking forward to building my collection of All Around. Will need a no Gi kit soon for upcoming matches.

Thanks again! ❤️"

Someone donating 13 of their gis to make space for All Around Gis is something that just melts our hearts everytime we think about it.