The Artisan's Journey: Crafting the All Around Gi

Dive into the world of meticulous craftsmanship with "The Artisan's Journey," an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the All Around BJJ Gi is brought to life. From the initial design to the final stitch, every step is a testament to our commitment to quality and the martial arts spirit. Join us as we unveil the intricate process that defines our Gis, setting them apart in both durability and design.

Step no. 1

🧶 Prepping the fabric

The beginning of breathing life into a gi: Unrolling the fabric and layering it on a cutting table. Carefully smoothened and spread out. Prepped to be cut into individual pieces.

STEP No. 2

✍️ Tracing the pattern

It’s a meticulous process where each cardboard template, representing different parts of the Gi, is carefully positioned on the cloth. We then trace around these patterns, marking the fabric to be cut. This step is where the Gi’s precise shape and fit begin to take form, ensuring every piece aligns perfectly for the final garment.

STEP No. 3

✂️ Cutting the fabric

With the fabric laid out and patterns traced, the cutting machine glides through the fabric. Steadily humming in its magnificence as it carves out the shapes that will form the soul of a gi.

STEP No. 4

🪢 Embroidery

Check out the raw precision of our embroidery. This isn't just decoration – it's a statement, ingrained into every Gi with the power of meticulous artistry.

STEP No. 5

🪡 The delicacy of stitching

Over the hum of sewing machines guided by our craftsmen, the pieces come together to unite.

STEP No. 6

⚜️ Printing on fabric

For the shoulder/back part where the sizing label goes, we were initially thinking of heat printing our designs. Testing showed this wasn’t a very good idea because of the resistance it would have with all the stretching and rubbing. So we turned sublimation for this area and left heat printing for only the small part inside the jacket. Design should elevate the beauty of an object but never compromise on its core function.

STEP No. 7

✂️ Cutting side slits

Our skilled artisans working on the part that aids mobility: side slits. Increasing range of motion; adding flexibility. Move freely.

STEP No. 8

🧽 Making the lapel

Fusion of foam and fabric: creation of a lapel. A step that demands patience and skill. Bringing together soft foam with a robust fabric. Meticulously assembled by hands that have done this for years.

STEP No. 9

🤌 Stitching the lapel

As the long length of the foam is carefully managed and enveloped, our craftsmen make sure that each stitch is a mark of perfection. It isn’t just about connecting pieces, it’s a dance of balance and alignment.

STEP No. 10

💪 Stitching the shoulder reinforcements

In this part, our freshly sublimated designs are forever made part of the gi. We initially thought of having a separate size label but we felt like it just made sense to have it integrated as part of the sublimated design vs. a different piece. 
Made possible by the steady hands of our craftsmen.

STEP No. 11

👁️ Finishing touches

We want to put an excellent product in your hands. This (almost) final step is a culmination of that belief. Excess is taken away in this step. Every part is carefully scrutinised. We hope when you hold and use the gi, the care poured into it reaches out to you.

And the result of all those hours put in looks something like this