The cities we live in, shape us. That’s why we move in and out of them. We grow fond of them, hate them, love them. Berlin is that city which probably sparks all those emotions. Sometimes all at the same time. It’s hard to understate Berlin’s influence on us. We wanted to make something that captures its spirit as a brand born in Berlin. What better way to do that with a leather jacket that is inspired by the sillhouette of a jiujitsu gi?
A bridge between two worlds

Berlin Streets Meet Jiu-Jitsu Beats

We dreamed up a creation that marries the disciplined silhouette of a Jiu-Jitsu gi with the undeniable energy of Berlin's streets. It was a challenge we couldn't resist. This piece, it's a token of that blend — a little raw, undeniably refined, and wholly ours. Made for those who straddle the worlds of martial arts mastery and the relentless beat of urban life, it's a small piece of what we love, hoping it finds a place with you too.


Laces & Pockets: Traditionally Inspired, Modernly Equipped

We've kitted out this jacket with leather laces for closing it up — think less fuss, more flair. Straight from the dojo to the streets, this setup gives you a snug fit with a bit of that Berlin edge. It's our hat tip to the classic Jiu-Jitsu belt, made street-smart and straightforward. We've added pockets to the mix, making this piece not only about style but supreme functionality for daily use.

Leather Laces2x.jpg

Outer Toughness, Inner Luxury

Crafted from premium lambskin, the jacket offers both resilience and a soft touch, ideal for navigating the urban landscape. Inside, you’ll find a striking contrast with a bright red satin lining, smooth to the touch, adding a hidden layer of comfort and a pop of color. It’s practicality dressed in sophistication, ready for whatever the day—or night—might bring.